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      women with visible and

invisible disabilities

An independent voice for women with disabilities of all ages, situations and backgrounds

Latest news

Axe the Bedroom
Tax Poster




Benefits self-help rights sheet – what you can do to defend your entitlements:
Bedroom tax
Council Tax
Debt advice
Sickness and disability benefits:

A living wage for mothers & other carers – petition


Other news

Save the Date -- Social Work Action Network conference 12-13 April

Vigil and lobby of Camden Council on welfare reform cuts 5 December 2012

Channel 4 Dispatches exposé of Atos confirms people's experience
Message of Support to Remploy Workers
Friday 30 March -- Drop Dow Now

Care "reform" -- free quality care

DLA: from a mother who lost her son
Bhopal survivors demand Dow off Olympics

Picket of CPS 1 Jul 2012
Disabled Women Slutwalk!

Our DN article: How the cuts hit women with disabilities harder
Avalanche of injustice

Opposing Bill is getting results
Welfare Reform Bill -- what we can do
Atos –100 groups sign Open Letter to BMJ (doctors) and Royal College of Nursing
Channel 4 News 30 Sept  
Day of action round-up



Disabled asylum seekers
and refugees

Justice for
Jennyfer Spencer

Housing and care must meet everyone’s needs

Self-help information

One woman’s story vs charges (2008)

Legal challenge vs Hammersmith & Fulham

Scotland and other press

Jan 09 Disability Now interviews



Medical grounds not recognised


DDA Case on conditions in Harmondsworth and Petition

Research – disabled refugees

"Blunkett's class" (letter)

Independent Asylum Commission


Caring work for ourselves & others

Mothers with disabilities obstacles to getting help from social services – article + letters

Women with disabilities work unwaged

Benefit rights and jobs
of our choice





The victims of Osbourne’s budget


Defend our entitlement – National Day of Action 16 June


Disability activists corner minister


Welfare not workfare Nov 09


Welfare reform actions 2006-9


Labour’s welfare reform – letters


Welfare rights info

Bus access

Defending free transport

Challenging Lambeth on asylum seekers' Freedom Pass

Blue badge ban

Camden delegation vs Green Badge Zone


Bhopal survivors demand Dow off Olympics

Vote now to ditch Dow

Sign the petition

- Bhopal women speak

- Bhopal: 25 years of poison
- Animal's People by Indra Sinha

- 2009 London action

Iraq disabled people

California budget cuts

Justice for Danieal – and all our kids

Vietnamese Agent Orange victims

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